How are impact resistant are the lights against hitting docks and other objects?

April 18, 2018


Answer:  While there are companies who offer various boat lighting products, NONE can offer the permanence, and seamless look of our patented product. Other lighting products for watercraft are adhesive or utilize tape, while the Nightfishion Patented Rub Rail Lighting Systems are engineered to fit INTO the rub rail system just below point of contact. The lights & wiring are concealed and ride above the rail’s natural air gap, so no matter many docks it bumps, the lights keep shining.  The utility and aesthetics of using the rub rail of a boat for LED’s is unmatched. The ease of use, longevity and the virtually indestructible American LED components, makes the Nightfishion rub rail products, the premier lighting product. These products do not alter the watercraft's profile. Comparing Nightfishion patented lighting systems to the competitors “sticky tape products” is like comparing a Ferrari 250 GTO to an AMC Pacer. 

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